February 25, 2018

Ill Conscious "The Prerequisite" (Album Stream)

There are marketing books that'll tell you, "If you try and let the music speak for itself, no one will hear it." With that, it saddens me to see albums released in the digital age without a press release or at least a blurb, to provide context with which to listen to the music (or post about it). And yet, I've seen many albums with little to no press, no backstory, no nothing that sell out and are cult classics, spreading like wildfire through the forums and torrents and social media accounts of fans. Enter Ill Conscious, a supreme lyricist from Baltimore, MD. He put out projects with Chopped Herring that caught my attention (2015), because I'm a vinyl head & a Hip-Hop head, who keeps an ear to the street. There's no way a super-lyrical MC of Ill Conscious' caliber is gonna fly below MY radar, no sir lol. That said, I still can't provide any context to the releases, unless I bug the man for an interview. With that understanding, this post is only able to share that this latest release is a 10-track offering, which features Supreme Cerebral, DJ Audas, Jay Royale, DJ TMB, Yung Miss, Guy Grams, DJ Grazzhoppa & Papitas. The breadcrumbs I just dropped, I hope you dig for more info on these artists. A great blend of beats and great lyrics; reminiscent of the 90s, in 2018.