January 11, 2015

Brothers of the Mind "Stop Schemin" (12", 1995)

Brothers of the Mind were a NY duo consisting of DJ Krazy Kraz and Lyrical Freestyle. In my search to provide the best info about Pal Joey and the group’s backstory, I came across a nice write-up on Discogs, which I’ll share: ‘DJ KrAzY KrAz, the DJ, Audio Engineer and producer, got his start back in April of 1992 in NYC, when the producer of Boogie Down Productions, KRS-One, Pal Joey (Loves Gonna Get Ya, Black Cop, The Jam, and Hot Music) was having a contest for new rap groups. After 85 auditioning acts, Brothers Of The Mind won and were signed to Pal Joey Productions. Two years later, they landed a deal at Maxi/Max’n Records where the group did three singles, “Stop Scheming”, “Kick Facts” and “Rough & Tough” remixed by “Da BeatMinerz” that sold well across the US and Europe, but due to poor promotions, 5 years later, the project ended.’ This 12” is ‘Stop Schemin’, produced by Pal Joey and released via Max’n Records in 1995.