Thursday, September 06, 2018

Binary Star "LIGHTY EARS APART" (Double LP Album Stream)

Binary Star made its return last year with the release of Water World 3. Now, the One Be Lo-spearheaded project has followed it up by dropping a double album titled LIGHTY EARS APART. “This is the fourth and fifth installment of the Binary Star,” One Be Lo tells HipHopDX. “After Binary Star’s Masters Of The Universe and my S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. albums dropped, One Be Lo jumped in the cockpit while One Man Army, the producer, went on a hiatus until 2017’s Water World 3 release and now officially with Binary Star’s LIGHTY and EARS APART. He adds, “I wanted to rap over my own beats, but I wanted to do it at the right time. I wanted to build my arsenal, so I played with bands and other producers and engineers. Even though many people know One Be Lo as an MC, those in the loop know that early on he was making just as many flames on beat machines as he was on the mic. On LIGHTY and EARS APART, the two-headed dragon is back, breathing fire and blowing flames on beat machines and mics — revolving as a Binary Star system.”

“One Be Lo holds down most of the vocals while One Man Army holds down a bulk of the beats on the album with a handful of beat contributions from The Tyrant, Gas Mask, MTK, Unjust and guitar riffs from Autocon comrad DMT,” he explains. “This project is released as a double album, which in itself symbolizes two stars that revolve around each other. There is also a Binary Star/Water World science fiction story that comes as a bonus with the two-headed dragon. The name of the story is The LOOMA (The Legends Of One Man Army).” - via HipHopDX (Justin Ivey)