Friday, August 10, 2018

Awon & Phoniks "Return To The Golden Era" (Album Stream)

Unfortunately, this site wasn't up and running when the Virginia MC, Awon, & Portland producer, Phoniks first collaborated on their debut release of "Return To The Golden Era." However, I was surely tuned in for the nostalgic vibes and sound reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop (the 90s). To celebrate it's 5th anniversary, a vinyl repress is now available! A deluxe 12" vinyl version of "Return To The Golden Era" has been released to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of their debut album - pressed on ultra clear, with gold splatter vinyl ... courtesy of Don't Sleep Records. I'm told the tracklist is slightly different from the original LP: mainly, interludes have been removed and the original version of 'Rule Of The Gun' has been replaced by the remixed version. The vinyl also includes the 'Get Yours' remix for the first time ever on vinyl, replacing the 'Move Back' remix from the original LP. For certain, prices will increase considerably via resellers once these are sold-out, so get in on the ground floor and support independent art at Don't Sleep Records. You can stream the project below & this post has been updated to reflect the 5th anniversary release.