August 02, 2015

Yaggfu Front "Action Packed Adventure" (1994)

Yaggfu Front was a North-Carolina-based Hip-Hop Group, consisting of the members Spin 4th, D’Ranged & Damaged, and Jungle Bel. Thanks to Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists, I learned that their name was actually an acronym for “You Are Gonna Get Fucked Up If You Front.” Working as late night DJs at NCSU (WKNC), they allegedly landed the first major record label for a Hip-Hop artist out of NC with their deal with Mercury Records. Their first studio album, “Action Packed Adventure,” was released in 1994; a unique conceptual album with an infusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz. They left the label soon after, and didn’t return until 2002 with the release of “The Secret Tapes,” which was a compilation of material recorded between 1992 and 1996. One of their more known records was “Slappin Suckas Silly;” the remix version featured D.I.T.C’s Diamond D. Other than that and their first single, “Lookin For A Contract,” additional 12” releases included “Left Field" and probably my personal favorite, "Busted Loop," which had a great video to accompany the 12" release. Despite a small amount of music, their humor, instrumentation and scratches on the records have left enduring fans still celebrating their music all these years later. Peep a video below.