February 21, 2022

Where Ya Bin At?

Yikes! I know... I haven't posted consistently since December of last year. Life... has been happening at a fast pace. As always, though, the music keeps being released and there's always plenty of reasons to celebrate the classics. So, as I've done in the past, I've kept track of what I listen to daily, and I've saved a ton of drafts so eventually I'll share those and get all caught up. (Update: it's slowly happening... bare with me!). In the meantime, I appreciate the emails and messages checking in on me, seeing how I'm doing. I especially dig the suggestions on what to listen to, and sending me various links as well as your own personal reviews on music. I do read as many as I can, and I appreciate them. What more can I say? Blogging or music journaling, whatever you wanna call it, is something to do late at night when I can't sleep or when I find a small pocket of time to share what I'm checking out... The moment it becomes a chore or a painstaking process for me, you'll notice a drop in posts. But, me with no music is not possible, so I'll always get right back. Until I don't ... then you have the endless archives to read through. Peace-n-Love - Sav. Keep it real right!