November 15, 2019

Wu-Tang Clan in Billboard Magazine (November 15, 1997)

"In 1993, rap took a turn to the East. Not only did the Wu-Tang Clan's debut, "Enter The Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers)" shift the attention of rap connoisseurs away from West Coast gangsta rap, but it represented a new East Coast sound that was heavily influenced by other 'Eastern' elements: Islam, Sun Tzu's ancient Chinese battle manual "The Art Of War" and martial arts. Its mix of deft rhymes, manic vocals, eerie soundscapes and kung-fu movie samples sent shockwaves through music, inspiring fans and imitators alike. It started with "Protect Ya Neck," a single the members recorded and distributed themselves, which started a groundswell of attention in the clubs, on campuses and in the streets and led to their contract with Loud. The B-side of that single, "Method Man," set the course by staying on the Rap Singles chart for over 25 continuous weeks and winning Single Of The Year as their album earned them Lyricist(s) Of The Year (Group or Solo) at the first annual Source Awards. In the four years since their first album went Platinum, Wu-Tang members have collaborated or soloed on several highly successful side projects - such as Method Man's "Method (TICAL) Man" and Mariah Carey's 1996 single "Fantasy." This year's enhanced double-CD, "Wu-Tang Forever," reasserted the group's dominance at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 Albums chart and going quadruple-platinum in its first four months." - Billboard, 11/15/1997 // A great time in music!