April 09, 2019

Queen Latifah "EPK" (Tommy Boy, 1991)

"Latifah is the name, meaning delicate and sensitive..." This is Queen Latifah's video EPK, released through Tommy Boy Records, possibly in 1991? Latifah shares some insight in the EPK on her style and music: "I was never one who wanted to sound like anyone, I just do what makes me feel good. Whatever comes to mind is what I put on paper... I like to sing and I like to rap, so it was only natural that I'd go into other things... I like reggae music, so sometimes I sit back and try to think of a lil' reggae-style melody." Latifah also shares about her role as an artist, "I definitely feel a responsibility as a musician, a rap artist, to say something positive... we reach so many kids. We have to leave something for them; it's not just about - make money and get out the business - it's about leaving something that will carry on. Something more important than money." The EPK features The 45 King, Ice-T, Lakim Shabazz, Daddy-O (Stetsasonic), MC Lyte, and more. Unfortunately, Tommy Boy didn't share any info along with the upload, so it's only a guesstimate that this was around '91.