October 03, 2018

Crimeapple "Perfect 3" (EP Stream)

Perfect 3 is the latest installment in this EP series from Crimeapple with Buck Dudley on the boards. The 9-track EP features ANKHLEJOHN and Vinnie Paz. If this EP is anything like past releases, the EP will be released as a deluxe or special edition CD, Vinyl, Cassette or all 3. I can't keep track of all these releases: the artwork changes, the tracks change; each label has a version on Bandcamp. It's kind of a clusterfuck, lol. Fortunately, the music is good and the fans are engaging with it. That's a win for the music. Just means my information may not be accurate, so do the knowledge yourself. Updated this post (link and # of tracks available). PS: Happy Birthday to me!