March 29, 2018

Jam DOT x Da Ooh! ‎– Da Original Troopa EP / Lost In Queens EP

"Here we go again with this supa ultra DOPE and conceptual release from Queens with Jam DOT and Da Ooh!, which consisted of Jam & Kwota. For this release we selected the best Jam DOT 90's unreleased tracks that deserved to be on wax, 6 tracks EP simply called Da Original Troopa EP, all the tracks are produced by Jam DOT himself. Then second EP on this double vinyl release is Da Ooh! as said above this group consisted of Jam DOT and Kwota, in this second 6 tracks EP we have chosen to reissue their very rare Da Ooh! - The Chemistry 12" and we added three crazy demos from Da Ooh! early 90's material..." - Back 2 Da Source Records. Personally, I remember building with Jam DOT back in the MySpace days; I was trying to get a better copy of the Wastelanz (shouts to Flushing, Queens) remix to his track Time, and get more information. He looked out and that was appreciated. Glad these joints are being unearthed and getting love. Peace to Back 2 Da Source.