September 22, 2015

Lord Finesse "Frozen Files: Diggin' Special" (Samples Mix, 2010)

Here we have the Funky Technician, Lord Finesse, going deep in the crates playing 49 minutes of classic original samples and breaks on East Village Radio's "Frozen Files" program. It was originally recorded on September 22, 2010, but they were kind enough to upload the archived mix for us all to enjoy. These kinds of mixes get lost in the infinite shelf space of the internet, but deserve special recognition. Lord Finesse is arguably one of the dopest MC/Producers in the history of music. He's also an incredible DJ, battle MC and has some of the most clever, hardest hitting punchlines of any MC to kick a freestyle. Listen to this classic mix below, and peace to the whole D.I.T.C.