June 28, 2021

Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield II (June 28, 1997)

For once, even Don King was silent. Mike Tyson's postfight excuses had long since rung hollow, and not even the usually long-winded promoter in charge of Tyson's career was up to the task of resurrecting them. The outrage that followed Tyson's disqualification for biting Evander Holyfield's ears showed no signs of abating though, even in the conspicuous absence Sunday of the former heavyweight champion and his handlers. "It's certainly a sad day for boxing," said Marc Ratner, director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Holyfield nursed a pair of tender ears Sunday, a day after Tyson was disqualified after the third round of his rematch with Holyfield in boxing's richest fight ever. Holyfield is $35 million richer and still holds the WBA heavyweight title, but it was a hollow win in a fight that fell well short of its potential of being one of the best heavyweight rematches in recent history. Tyson, meanwhile, celebrated his 31st birthday today in the face of public scorn. A Nevada boxing commission is scheduled to meet Tuesday to consider fining him up to $3 million and suspending hm from boxing for biting part of one of Holyfield's ears off and trying to do the same with another. "It's over, I know it's over," an angry Tyson kept repeating in his dressing room after the fight. "My career is over." Tyson had just found his way through an enraged crowd that was screaming and making obscene gestures at him. A bottle of water thrown from the stands just missed his head, and he had to be stopped from going into the seats to beat up his tormentors. The fight, which started with Holyfield smiling and singing to himself in his corner and Tyson grin-faced across the ring, ended in bedlam, with Tyson seemingly out of control and trying to hit anyone around him. His actions might cost him far more than a fine and suspension. Now the target of the scorn of the boxing world, Tyson will have a tough time reaping the huge pay-days that have been his since leaving prison two years ago after serving a term for rape. - 1997. Tyson has certainly bounced--back time and time again-- always remaining a fan-favorite, and one of the greatest boxers and media personalities. For $1M, would you get in the ring with Tyson in his prime? NOPE!!!

One of the most infamous moments in all of Boxing history...