May 25, 2021

The Day I Fell Off... Kinda!

With J-Live's "The Day I Fell Off" on repeat in the background, I acknowledge that I've fallen off a lot... I can't remember the last time I consistently posted to my Instagram account, logged into Twitter and I've never even bothered to settle into a Tik Tok account (I'm happy about that decision, by the way). However, little do some of you know - ok, none of you know this - I do still create drafts in my blogger platform to one day edit and post to this site. Sometimes, like is the case today, they get backlogged and sometimes I'll make a post live that was started two months ago. Then poof, there'll be a bunch of posts that you missed, because I went back and completed them. Yup, for the sake of continuity I still try to create a new blog post every day, you just might have to go back if it wasn't live on that exact date. Fortunately the drafts keeps a fairly decent record of things, as long as I don't f#ck around with it too much (which I've mistakenly done once or twice). All that said, if you've been curious what I've been listening to or thinking about musically, you can go back in the archives and check it out. I'm almost caught up, but not quite! There's also a bunch of new items going live on the Hip Hop Nostalgia online store shortly: new books, pins, posters, and more. When you do it because you want to, the rules kinda go out the window... ok?!?!