September 17, 2015

Cactus Jack "Act Like What You Say" (12", 1999)

I first heard of this 12" from Cactus Jack in 1999 via a cassette mix of DJ Eclipse and DJ Riz for the "Halftime Show." I was always a fan of Ed O.G. & I studied everything Roc Raida did, so I cop'd this 12" on Bi-Coastal Recordings. Along with Ed O.G. & cuts from Roc Raida, "Act Like What You Say" features Big Dubez and production from Gringo From Town. The B-Side has 2 records, "Red Line," produced by Rich Boogie & "Cactus K-9 Connect," featuring Da Bulldogs and Gringo From Town again. Bi-Coastal Recordings only had a few other releases in its catalog, mostly tracks from Queens MC, Natruel. Following those breadcrumbs will bring you to "The Big Daddy Anthem," featuring Shabazz The Disciple, L Fudge, and Mr. Eon of The High & Mighty. If that sounds like something you'd like, I suggest you cop it, it's dope. For now, peep this 12" from Cactus Jack below.