March 12, 2019

De La Soul "Interview At Hofsta University" (P5 Show, 1989)

Here we have a rare interview of De La Soul on Hofstra University's P5 Show (Post Punk Progressive Pop Party) with the much respected host, Jeff Foss. The interview was done around the release of their debut album 3 Feet High & Rising and they debuted the song "Tread Water" on the show. It's interesting to hear them mention that Tommy Boy had offered $500-1000 to anyone who could guess the identify of the singer in the original sample for "Plug Tunin" as well as the name of the record and the label it was released on. Allegedly, no one ever guessed it - this is pre-internet, lol. As you may have heard Jeff Foss passed away last year, so I want to send my condolences to his family. I attended Hofstra University as a freshman in '96, stayed on campus too. I was born and raised out in Queens, which is technically on Long Island, but it often felt like another world. I saw Boot Camp Clik perform live there and of course, I knew of DJ Riz who worked with Jeff Foss and was also an athlete at the school years prior. This audio falls short of an actual interview, it's just a small snippet, but I've been meaning to send my condolences and the audio intrigued me enough to share so, thanks to Links763 for the upload. Do you know the sample?