Sunday, October 01, 2017

Crimeapple "Metralleta" (Album Stream)

Likely considered more of an EP, this is the latest offering from Crimeapple, produced entirely by Buck Dudley, "Metralleta." I consider Crimeapple's music a bit of a guilty pleasure, because content-wise, it's not up my alley, but I do respect his pen, his flow and delivery. That's not a knock, Sean Price, one of the greatest MCs of our generation - especially with Heltah Skeltah - was my #1 guilty pleasure when it came to listening to music, lol. "Metralleta" will not disappoint you, no matter what approach you take to music, so dig in and give it a listen ... knowing how the industry moves in the underground, this is gonna be a young cat we'll be hearing a lot from in '18, '19 and beyond. My favorite tracks to check out, "Pop Shit," and "Spike Up." Hit the tags for more music.