Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fat Joe "Represent" (The Source, 9/93)

"Drop what you're doing and get a fix of this lyrical dope being pumped city wide by Fat Joe. He used to juggle the lyrical jumbs back in the day with Dee Jay (oh, excuse me) Kool DJ Red Alert - lighting up NYC with the fat radio promos for 98.7 KISS FM. In 9-3 Mr. Fat Flow Joe rolls solo, Latino mafioso style - loading the clip with rich beats and selecting lyrical styles as if they were various models of guns - in order to represent that Uptown-Boogie Down home gangsta sound. Listen for the sounds Joe makes in the night as he extorts your local badbwoy sound system for volume and delivers the uncut product that will ring bells in hell. But Joe can't do it alone so he makes sure the rest of his family gets a cut. Special guests from the NY central include Ski, Grand Puba, King Sun, Showbiz & AG, Diamond D, Apache and Kool G. Rap." Cont'd below...

"The first single, the haunting "Flow Joe," has that mid-tempo underarm Teamster swing to it, but it doesn't do justice to the other bits of uncooked talent and fit-unk the rest of the album provides. When he's not tellin' shorty that she got a fat ass, he's tellin' suckers how he's going to do them. Nevertheless, livin' fat is the central theme. But the question remains: Is Fat Joe a bad, bad man or just another rapper riding the gangsta wave? In any case, he's never been busted and is not to be f#cked with - he just wants to tie his fans up with fat laces and stay around longer than Nike..."