Sunday, July 27, 2014

2Pac "Eternal Legend" (Mix by September 7th)

"2Pac: Eternal Legend is the zenith of DJ September 7th's "Eternal Legend" brand/series. This particular project has 100% original/exclusive production of 2Pac material." At the time of it's release (roughly 3 years ago), there was a request to donate to 2Pac's foundation and he'd released untagged versions, but the original link he shared is no longer available & whether or not the untagged versions were released, I am not too sure. This is one of the first 2Pac mixes (or projects as a whole) I've listened to in quite a while - posthumous releases are a tricky thing to pull off. I remember getting the e-mail about it years back, so thought I'd post it up and share some content today. 2Pac was an important voice for our generation, I wish he would've seen more brighter days and had a chance to witness the evolution of the culture. R.I.P. Tupac Shakur.