Friday, April 12, 2019

Aru-2 "Ayakashi Instruments" (Instrumental Album)

Aru-2 - whose real name Akira Notois - is a beatmaker from Tokyo, Japan. Aru is an underground fixture in the beat tape scene worldwide, earning acclaim with a slew of DIY and collaborative releases over the last few years. Now he makes his long-awaited label debut with Ayakashi Instruments – an instrumental album inspired by Japanese folklore, that seamlessly blends a myriad of different sounds, influences and reference points all into one cohesive experience. "They say Ayakashi is a Japanese ghost spirit, but to me, I think of it as encountering mystery. I've spent a lifetime with Ayakashi, and this album is where it brought me. It was just one phase in my past, and now I'm walking toward my future," says Aru-2. This is a great project, also available on cassette.