Friday, February 08, 2019

Thelonious Martin "A Dozen For Dilla" (Volume 3)

I was waiting for this one (a day late) ... now in its 3rd year, Thelonious Martin has relased "A Dozen For Dilla" in celebration of Dilla's birthday for the last 3 years. This latest installment, Volume 3, is equally inspired and the classic artwork brought a smile to my face as much as the music. In the Chi-Town's producers own words, "You are forever here with us. Here is a dozen just for you." Dilla is known all around the world and people everywhere are celebrating his life today ... isn't that an incredible thing? In interviews he talked about being on the verge of breaking through, I wish he'd known he'd already created a legacy. HBD, James Yancey; I hope you're resting in beats.