Monday, December 03, 2018

Earl Sweatshirt "Some Rap Songs" (Album Stream)

"Some Rap Songs" is the 3rd studio album from Earl Sweatshirt. It's heavy on content, although it was repetitious at times. It's clear Earl is battling with some innner demons, whether it's the loss of his distant & imperfect father, escaping (fame), life and death + all that comes between those two bookmarks. We know Earl is talented beyond measure and more reclusive than understood, so it leaves us with a piece of art that delivers more questions than answers. I think the comparisons to Madvillainy will be obvious and despite the brevity of the tracks (15 songs in 25 minutes), it can still be a draining listen. If it was therapeutic for him to make this album, then I truly salute him for making it. I'd like to meet him in person one day. Stream his new album below.