Monday, November 26, 2018

DJ Devastate "In Recollection" (EP Stream)

"To honor the life and art of the late DJ Devastate, Coalmine Records is proud to team up with the Swedish artist’s native label, Counterweight Records, on this very special Record Store Day 2018/Black Friday release. The Swedish-born DJ and producer passed away at the young age of 35 years old in March 2018 and left a huge whole in the hearts of his friends, his family, and his fans. If there’s any consolation, it’s that we have his incredible art left with us to remember him by, and we and Counterweight couldn’t be more excited to share this eight-track vinyl release that showcases his immense skill set. On the Coalmine side, you’ll find five of our favorite tracks featuring the talents of Devastate... Counterweight’s side is equally as fly... There’s just so much to love about what you hear on this release, which truly exemplifies just why we so deeply miss our friend DJ Devastate. He was a soulful, gifted, and inspired artist and man, and we’re glad his spirit lives on through his music." R.I.P. DJ Devastate. Listen to this excellent tribute EP below and cop the vinyl.