Thursday, July 26, 2018

I'm Just Looking Out For My Music Family

“Noticed she wasn’t breathing for a second then I screamed “She’s dead!” / and everybody took it out on Nasty / I was just looking out for my music family....” So, what now? There are plenty of signs of life in both the underground and the mainstream. So, why does this still rub me the wrong way? Was this trolling before we called it that, lol? There are a lot of elements of the music industry that have died: artist development being one of the biggest. Then, from a fan point of view ... from a DJ point of view ... I miss all the attention to detail. Labels might call it trimming the fat off the marketing budget, but the attachment to the music is weaker than ever (for me). Major label artists are doing 50 million streams per clip, what's the rush to put out an album? To market to fans offline? To invest in anything that won't directly lead to more streams. A stream that has a value that only the majors seem to know because it certainly isn't 0.000x of a penny to them. Nah, it's one of the most coveted pieces of info in the entire industry, what is the REAL value per stream!? Tastemakers of an older time in hip-hop are left with baskets filled with nostalgia and no one interested in hearing their stories. No shade & that's not a blanket statement, let's keep it in context.  It's just ... it's a new era of fans, unfamiliar with the way things used to work & therefore don't know how much they are missing out. All the noise from constant music and an abundance of choice is a distraction. Many artists have stepped up and made a choice to be vulnerable, to let fans behind the curtain to see more of themselves ... which, in many ways has changed the whole concept of what being a celebrity now means. It went from no access = celebrity - you heard from your favorite artist when he/she dropped their new album or when their face was on the big screen ... or not at all. Now, you see them in your timeline daily, you might even get a mention from them. Let me tell ya, it used to be meeting your heroes was a disaster! Now, everyone = celebrity in their own mind, so maybe no one is a hero lol. I dunno, I'm not bitter and I love curating a playlist that reflects my own taste of music, but there's also a reason I hustle nostalgia on the side. But ... this is a treadmill conversation, let me get off this. Any thoughts, for/against? Am I trolling, too?