Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dephlow "Most Definite" (Album Stream)

"Most Dephinite" is a composition of raw content and thoughtful work, mostly in collaboration with Swiss producer Boom Beats. This is the 4th album from Dephlow and the second solo project since the critically acclaimed release of "Deph Threats" in 2015. This album carries on the tradition of Dephlow incorporating his life experiences and skill set in a more conversational tone. In his own words: "I've embedded pieces of my history throughout my music. My first album Deph Threats was released the year my father died. The follow up to that album "Most Dephinite" is being released on his birthday July 10. The first single My Brother's Keeper was released June 26 for my brother's birthday. If I achieve nothing else, I just wanted to offer my best to the people who I love most, and who inspire me to keep pushing." Stream Dephlow's "Most Dephinite" LP below.