Monday, May 22, 2017

Career Crooks "Good Luck With That" (Album Stream)

"South Philadelphia’s Zilla Rocca and producer Small Professor’s Good Luck With That begins with a run of boisterous, raw, breakbeat-based beats topped with Rocca’s smart brand of lyrical one-upmanship. But those opening moments—which include the Fargo-themed posse cut “Mike Milligan”—soon segues into a triumph of concepts and storytelling. “Angel Dust” pines for the days when rappers were “smoking PCP for the art,” “Lipstick Itch” struggles with the nuances of commitment in long-term relationships, “Clock’s Ticking” reflects on how age changes priorities, and “Cold Ten Thousand” is a rain-soaked trawl through the Philadelphia underbelly, complete with a protagonist whose clothes reek of pizza and sweat. Most wonderfully of all, the album closes out with a modern example of the ancient art of the shout-out song, “We Say Peace."" - Bandcamp