Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Slick Walk ft. Supastition 'Never Ever'

Slick Walk ft Supastition Never Ever

Today's selection, 'Never Ever,' comes with a disclaimer: yes, I manage Supastition, but this is a new joint he's featured on by Slick Walk, a Berlin-based production duo including DJ Robert Smith and Merse. The track is the A-Side to a 7" vinyl release that's sure to sell out on limited release (100 copies), you can order it HERE via Deci-Belle Records or HHV. It comes bundled with a stickered sleeve 5" vinyl too. The production has a nice & mellow, jazz-infused feel to it, with a Method Man vocal sample you won't soon forget, and Supastition doing what he does best, complementing the vibe of the record. I look forward to hearing more from Slick Walk, check out the track below.