Monday, March 20, 2017

Tha Soloist 'Panda Enemy & The Death of Mumble Rap'

 Panda Enemy and the Death of Mumble Rap by Tha Soloist

Tha Soloist is a talented eMCee out of Jersey City, New Jersey. He hit the scene a few years ago and has steadily built a solid catalog with raw lyrics over dope production. His new project is called 'Panda Enemy and the Death of Mumble Rap.' How could I pass on listening to that? lol Reppin' the underground, he's sounding really inspired on this project. Outside the tracks, his personality shines through in a snarky, almost off-putting manner - perhaps intentionally? - but I respect his pen, sharp flows, and ear for production. Undeniably raw, Tha Soloist is an artist to follow and there's plenty of dope music to go back on if you've been sleeping. The new album is currently available for free download, so stream it below or click to download.