Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Roc Marciano 'History' off 'Rosebudd's Revenge'

Roc Marciano Long Island NY

There are days where I wonder if Roc Marciano is over-flooding the market with his sound. In previous years, he'd given just enough to keep the fans wanting more and that was at a time where he'd re-emerged and seemingly dominated NY rap with his unique style. I also remember when he wasn't even doing interviews and I've been using the same images for him for years - it's all part of the allure. Yet, he's still here, flourishing, and continuing to release quality projects like 'Rosebudd's Revenge.' The track below called 'History' has his fluid flow and familiar production by Arch Druids. In 2010, the fans and media really loved 'Marcberg;' even without much promotion, they championed that project and it took off. I wasn't expecting that, even having heard the project - I thought it was gonna be too raw for casual fans. It was actually the perfect counterbalance to what was (and still is) being promoted. I still have the original (possibly unmixed) CD from Fat Beats; it's even more dusty and raw than the final version. He's definitely making classic NY hip-hop & I hope the market doesn't shift away from it.

Roc Marciano Marcberg Fat Beats Records CD