Thursday, March 16, 2017

Made Wit Luv Volume 3 (Album Stream)

Made wit Luv Vol.3

Today's selection is Volume 3 from Made Wit Luv, representing as a platform out in Germany to support talented producers. Volume 3 has 16 original instrumentals with a blend of hip-hop, breaks, and mellow vibes. I believe the cassettes may be sold out, as there were only 100 pressed, but you can still order it digitally via Bandcamp and maybe find a final copy on Vinyl-Digital or through an online reseller. I dig Made Wit Luv's work and message, clearly, their focus is on the right things, so I salute their efforts. If anyone has more background info on the people involved behind the scenes, shoot me a message in the comments. Props to DJ Obsolete, Ded Tebiase, TESK, Kunfu & more who did production on the project. You can stream Volume 3 below.