Saturday, March 25, 2017

Indie Hip-Hop Tribute, Take It Personal Radio Ep.8

Take It Personal Radio Episode 8 Tribute to Indie Hip-Hop

Props to the good people over at Philaflava for continuing to post, support and create dope content for well over a decade! 8 episodes in, I'm diggin' their new radio show and podcast, 'Take It Personal.' From their Soundcloud: "Episode 8 is our Jansport (backpack) special. A tribute to the independent hip-hop movement that helped spawn labels like Fondle ‘Em, Hydra, Rawkus, Stones Throw, Def Jux and ABB records. A time, where the internet played a major role in the music ... This movement created dreams, jobs, life-long careers and of course, some amazing music too. Speaking of music ... we play you obscure cuts all the way to classics heard from the late 90s to early 00s ... You don’t want to miss this!" Watch, subscribe, and enjoy. Peace to Philaflava.