Friday, March 31, 2017

Apathy 'Dive Medicine: Chapter One'

Apathy is undoubtedly one of the most prolific MCs in underground hip-hop, but Ap has also built a solid catalog of production credits over the years. Having done production for RA The Rugged Man, Ras Kass, Cypress Hill, Demigodz, Tiye Phoenix, Eternia, Army of the Pharaohs, and among others, his own solo releases, Ap has finally released an instrumental project boasting 15 original instrumentals. The project is called ‘Dive Medicine: Chapter One’ and true to the press release, the project showcases 'Ap's sharp skills behind the boards as he delivers his best sonic works without words. Whether you just like to vibe out to hip hop beats or practice your own MC skills over chunky production, this project is a welcomed refreshment in the instrumental hip hop genre.’ The project is available digitally, as well as on cassette, CD and Vinyl at the Demigodz online store.