Wednesday, March 29, 2017

10 Tunes That Influenced a Life: Guru of Gang Starr

Guru 10 Tunes That Influenced Him

Guru (R.I.P.) of Gang Starr selected 10 tunes that influenced him and some of them might surprise you ... or not. Did they mean Rick James, not Slick Rick on 'Mary Jane'? It reminds me of old 'error cards' in baseball, that'd be worth some money, lol. I remember the first time I heard a lot of his selections and they were dope to me, as well, but even for the artists we have in common, different tracks hit me more (personally). I'll add 10 tunes of my own below, but don't hold me to them. Update: Damn, that was even harder than I thought. The music I was raised on by my parents was early Doo Wop and even though I loved some of the groups, they weren't really big influences on me. I may have to revisit this after giving it more thought, lol.

Guru's 10:
1. Audio Two 'Top Billin'
2. Eric B & Rakim 'Eric B For President'
3. Ohio Players 'Sweet Sticky Thing'
4. Slick Rick 'Mary Jane'
6. Funkadelic 'Flashlight'
7. Chaka Khan & Rufus 'Sweet Thing'
8. EPMD 'It's My Thing'
9. RUN DMC 'Rock Box'
10. Slick Rick 'Mona Lisa'

Sav's 10:
1. Pete Rock & CL Smooth 'The Basement' / 'T.R.O.Y.'
2. Slick Rick 'Teenage Love'
3. Showbiz & AG 'Represent'
4. Stevie B 'Spring Love'
6. 2Pac 'Papa'z Song'
7. Eric B & Rakim 'Juice'
8. Gang Starr 'Take It Personal'
9. De La Soul 'Potholes In My Lawn'
10. EPMD 'You Gots To Chill'