Monday, February 06, 2017

Thelonious Martin "ForJayDee" (Playlist)

Thelonious Martin's "Wunderkid" instrumental album might be my favorite beat tape of all-time. It's at least in contention, so whether it's digging back into his catalog or keeping an eye out for new drops, his production stays in consistent rotation for me. On his soundcloud page, I noticed there was an older playlist entitled "ForJayDee," I immediately wanted to share it with y'all below. It's clear from Thelonious & countless other incredible producers, J Dilla's influence on music will remain forever. He (helped) inspire a whole new sound, whether you call it soulful or lo-fi or whatever else has sprung off from it, ask your favorite producers who their favorite producers are, and they'll have to mention J Dilla's name. So, from Thelonious Martin, this one's #ForJayDee, may he R.I.P.