Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blu x Nottz ft. Rashad 'End of the World'

Ask me if I care that this record is already 3 years old ... the answer is no, lol. The track is called 'End of the World', it was featured on the Blu & Nottz collaborative project, 'Gods In The Spirit.' Nottz is one of the best producers of our generation and Blu's 'ability to inject his verses with warmth, humanity, and pathos' always caught my attention and helped me see him as a superior talent. No longer at Warner, he's back home in the underground working on new music with Exile, but until that's ready, I welcome the opportunity to go back and celebrate his catalog. Props to Rashad on the hook. Read the lyrics and hear today's selection below:

"One day we gonna live it like them summers that we never left 
Pictures that we never took of bitches off that top shelf 
Help me to the promised land, I promise you can have it 
You can bag it like cotton for slaves, water for chocolates
 Pilot my pivot, piss in a bucket 
Kick our feet up as our children grow up nothing like us"